Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love this :)

So in institute today we were talking about how things are unfair and how things aren't what we want it to be. So Brother Clark gave us this quote about trusting the Lord and doing His will. My goodness I had to write it down I loved it so much. Especially since I feel this is what I am going through.
"To exercise faith is to trust that the Lord knows what He is doing with you and that He can accomplish it for your eternal good even though you cannot understand how He can possibly do it. We are like infants in our understanding of eternal matters and their impact on us here in mortality. Yet at times we act as if we knew it all. When you pas through trials for His purposes, as you trust Him, exercise faith in Him, He will help you. That support will generally come step by step, a portion at a time. While you are passing through each phase, the pain and difficulty that comes from being enlarged will continue. If all matters were immedietly resolved at your first petition, you could not grow. Your father in Heaven and His Beloved Son love you perfectly. They would not require you to experience a moment more of difficulty than is absolutely needed for your personal benefit or for that of those you love."
- Richard G. Scott
Like I said it's amazing isn't it :) I think it just touched me so much because in my life at this moment I am having to pray for strength and courage to keep going on the path. I know that this is what the Lord wants for me but it scares me and so just to know that this is his will and that on a day I would be having these thoughts and I get this message. Wow :) I love the gospel :) I really do.

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