Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 16, 17, and 18

So honestly I really wanna get this 30 day thing done and over with because I really just want to post about how I feel and what is going on in my life now. The 3o day thing needs to end so I am putting 3 in one hooray :) I am so proud!
Day 16 and 17
A picture of me. I am also gonna combine this with Day 17 because it works really :)
I would wanna switch with my roommate. It's funny because we are a lot alike... but then we are so different. Like what you say? She is into all medical terms and medical things... like the body and stuff... I can't even really talk about it without getting all grossed out. Really now. Where as I use creative things like my dancing and my music to express how I feel. She doesn't when she is upset she cries... and I don't... I think I may have problems hahahaha :)
Anyways I think I would love to switch with my roommate and see how it was how her mind works and how she can act somewhat like me when we are super social and crazy but then how she can go on to be an ultrasound technician. I think it would be cool :) And then it would be cool to watch how I act and to really see what I need to do and what flaws she sees that I could fix. I would love that for real :)
Day 18
My inspired dream. Really now it hasn't been long for this dream... okay so it's something I have wanted to do since I was a little kid, but it has changed so it's more realistic. Plus I kinda changed my major since I was going to do cosmetology. Anyways back to my dream I watch my dance teacher and how she is able to put her emotions and what she feels into our dances. She gets to see her art performed all the time and I believe that I would love that :) And when I say teach I mean actually go and teach at a university. I know it will be a lot of work and a lot of effort but it's what I love and who says that I shouldn't go for it huh? Plus the people I would teach would be there because they want to be there... uninspired people who are just there because irritate me. I want to teach because they want to be taught and they want to be better, just like I want to be better. I want to be able to create my emotion and show it like this. Does it make you cry... it does.
And I will tell you something else. I've always had these dreams... yes dreams, like actually sleepybye dreams... anyways, I always wanted to start a studio and not just any studio but a studio that has standards. A studio where they would perform to show the feelings of the gospel. A studio where they could perform and show trials that we go through. A studio where they could perform the love that we could all feel... I don't know if this is possible but I want it to be....

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