Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 3 MTC February 28, 2013

Ce facets voi?? I can see already that this keyboard is going to cause me problems as the shift button won't capitalize my letters. Anyways this week was good I can feel myself being able to understand most of the grammar principles which if you look up all the grammar principles in Romanian you will see that it's difficult... why is there so much to memorize?!?!?! But I really am doing great here and I love the MTC, I love my companion and I love the people in my district. We had a successful week and I don't know if Matt had to do this but we have progressing investigators (our teachers) but they play their investigators they taught in the MTC. Anyways we have had some fantastic lessons and it is just so beyond cool to see how much you can feel the spirit! I never want this feeling to leave. I have things I desperately need to fix and I need to work on them. I have noticed that about myself is that a lot of those that I talk to are just assuming that because they are understanding what is happening at the moment, they feel so comfortable and they just kinda stick in that mode. I came here on a mission not only to help those people in Romania understand that The Truth is restored here on Earth and we want everyone to accept it, but I came here to better myself. I don't want to just get comfortable in doing one thing I want to always be focusing on being better in my scripture study, or my language study, or feeling the spirit, or being able to teach in fluency. I don't want to be one of those missionaries that are just stuck in the mode and comfortable with how things are. So when my teacher asked what is a personal goal that I would like to work on I told him a million hahaha. He kinda just stared at me and said lets focus one at a time. And as the other sisters told me what they said I was kinda shocked... "Hmmm I don't know I'm not really having any struggles so I don't know if I need to work on anything." I need the struggle. It's hard and it's beyond frustrating to struggle at different things, but I need it. I don't really know if this is making sense... I hope it is. I just don't want to settle for what feels comfortable. I want to be extraordinary. Maybe that sounds a little selfish, but to reach the goals and dreams that i want to reach as a missionary, and really just as a child of My Father in Heaven, I need to be extraordinary. And I am sure that my investigators want extraordinary.
Sorry vent in what I want to be is over haha. Things are really good here though I'm happy, through these stressful frustrating times. Never thought I would say that. Can I just say I LOVE being a missionary. It is just the coolest experience. I love being able to read my scriptures for hours and hours and be studying it going from the bible dictionary to all sorts of references. It's super fascinating. Why was I never so fascinated with this before hand??? I have been missing all of this my whole life! WHY! :) But because I am so happy, I know Heavenly Father is just letting me know over and over and over again that I could be in no better place then I am now. It's so fascinating how The Lord prepares you in certain ways. I am grateful!
We had Elder M. Russell Ballard come on Tuesday and of course being the person I am I show up over an hour early so I can get up front and close which I was. Mother have I ever told you that I am grateful that you are always on time and you made me that way? He gave such a good talk and every person that has showed up to our firesides/devotionals they always have to comment on how many Sister Missionaries there are.  I guess when I came we were the first huge roll of Sister Missionaries so I have just been used to it. Anyways he gave such an awesome talk on just how the Lord really trust the young people of the church. That's why he asks us to serve, because he trust us! He called us "miracles" as he has talked to so many other churches and they have always asked how do you get so many young people to come and serve, and the answer that he always gives is that we WANT to serve the Lord because we Love The Lord. Such a simple simple simple answer, but it is the most amazing answer. We are miracles :)
Anyways I'm sorry Mama to hear that you lost your tooth... you may need dentures when your older HAHAHHA :) I'm just kidding... hopefully. I hope your teeth will get fixed and I'm sorry your on that medicine... I've been there.
Dad please get better. You haven't been sick in such a long time! And if you're sick eating healthy food and I'm over here feeling my body slowly shut down from all the food they feed us I don't want to know what's going to happen to me. Also could you please get me Suzy's home address. Sister Montenegro and I have letters to send her. I think you can just find it on the church website.
Oh Elder Hodson randomly appeared here at the MTC as he almost ran up and ALMOST gave me a hug hahaha. I was so freaked out and excited just because I didn't know he was here. We settle for hand hugs over here. I guess Elder Jackson has appeared here too although I have not yet seen him, he is around here somewhere and as Sister Montenegro had asked me in Hungarian I needed some translations I will let Ya'lll know when I see Him. It's super cool to see everybody here! And all the languages. My companion and I have random English Fast where we don't speak English for a time! It's been extremely helpful.
Ummmmm.... Oh yeah. Spencer I wasn't complaining! I never COMPLAIN! :) I am as happy as can be, but It's cool that you got third in Mr. Bengal and no it was not a surprise to me to hear that Cole won. Also September is a good time to come here... It might be overly overly full here have fun with that :)
Chantal and Matt I am so happy to hear the blessings that have come in to your life with financial reasons and I hope Matt that your job gets a bit easier... not necessarily easier but you will be able to do more. I will keep you in my prayers. And I am sorry to hear about neighbor problems. Just think though you could be on a floor with thousands of sister missionaries blow drying there hair at 3-6 in the morning ;)
haha. Anyways my time here is almost done. So I am just going to attach a few pictures. I hope to hear from you again...
I also don't know if I answered everybody's questions but basically just know that I am well. I am happy, and I LOVE being here, I love being a missionary. I love teaching the gospel. And I also love letters. Is that a hint for you all?
Love you much and always!
Sora Stewart

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