Friday, February 15, 2013

Jenna's first letter from MTC

Buna Ziua,

My wonderful Family and friends that read this, my first week has been extremely difficult but extremely blessed. It's amazing to me how obedience and faith can build you so much to know your language and to really understand why you are here. Anyways my first day here was obviously the hardest and as I walked into my language class and they had started about 30 minutes before I got there and everyone knew how to say things. It scared me!!! And the whole time I was thinking why on earth did I put that I really wanted to learn a language down on my papers. Of course this is the first day and with all mixed emotions of uncertainty and what is going on, it all blew over really fast. I have a wonderful companion whose name is Sora Adams, she is from the Seatle, Washington area and she is 23 turning 24 on the 24th. Language has been good for the most part, Romana (what Romanians call there language) is frustrating in quite a few ways. It is a romance language which I was expecting is a lot like Italian, some things are like spanish not to many though, but they say things somewhat Slovik like they would in Russia. I guess if I get sent to Moldova I will have to try and pick up on Moldovian and Russian which is what they speak there. No worries right :)

I really do love it here, I am already sick of the food and it's amazing how many carbs they serve here! Seriously! Why so much bread! I don't need so many carbs for sitting in a classroom studying! We do have about 50 minutes to work out everyday and so I run and bike everyday! It is amzing what excercize can do to clear your mind! And I still bring all my vocab and verbs to study while I read. Romana has a lot of irregular verbs that I have to remember.... This is when I pray for the Lords blessing everyday. We are teaching an "simpatazant" investigator. Who is our teacher starting Friday. Did I mention that the language is really fast! It's such a blessing though to realize how much I knew a week ago and now sitting in class and when we are teaching I can understand most of it. I use a lot of gestures when teaching, it's pretty hillarious if I do say so myself.

I definitely feel the prayers that have been given, and I know that is why I am being so blessed. The district I am in is actually the biggest district of Romanian Missionaries to come to the MTC, the district before us has 6 people and we have 7, we were supposed to have 8 but one Sora never showed up. Nu Stiu... I don't know. That's basically my favorite word. Anyways I really do love the MTC and I love my district the Elders are of course a little immature and I don't know if they fully recognize the spirit in their lives yet. They weill though.

I have seen many friends here and I see Sister Montenegro quite a bit. They are all doing well and Sister Mackay went off to Florida on Tuesday. We have had some wonderful firesides and its amazing how easy it is that they spirit just talks to you all the time. I'm grateful I know how to hear and recieve answers to prayers.
I am so very thankful for all your letters and it is the best part of the day to get letters. It's just dissapointing when you see everyone else get letters and you don't. Mom and Dad I recieved Matt's letters before I recieved yours. I recieved yours on Tuesday, the ones you wrote in Reno? And then I recieved 2 from Mom yesterday and one from Dad yesterday. I love them haha.

Oh just fyi I haven't cried yet... yet. hahaha It is overwhelming at times but then you just feel the spirit and know that you will eventually get the language and it isn't going to be perfect when you go out anyways so don't get frustrated.

I also am missing Chantals letter :( I looked and looked and I think I may have left it in the car or it fell out at home :( I would really love it pretty please!
Well I think thats all???
My P-day is on Thursdays and I did send you a letter that on the return address has my box number and all that.

With all my dragostea,

Sora Stewart

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