Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 2 MTC

Buna Familie!
Ce Facets? Everything here is going well and it has been eventful here. Last P-day I went to the temple and let me just tell you it's the best feeling in the world. How often do we really have to just take the whole day and study the scriptures, study the language, and pray PRAY to our Heavenly Father. It is just such a blessing in my life that I have the opportunity to be here. Yes it is absolutely exhausting, the language is hard and I don't know exactly how to speak or to express the ways of the gospel in what I could express in English. Mom and Lindsay I understand now why you wanted to go English speaking. Sharing the gospel is such an amazing experience, it is something that I love to do, and because I can't really speak my language it is SOOO FRUSTRATING! With all of this frustrating though it really brings you to your knees. I know for me I am brought down to my knees every night and morning in humble prayer that this is what the Lord wants for me. He needs me to be humble, haha so I am getting a big huge slice of humble pie. We really can't do anything without Heavenly Father by our side. It's impossible and as I look back on all the times that I felt like I do it all on my own I just want to slap my past self! How on earth did I ever think that I could do great things and get by on things without this gospel or without prayer or without just looking towards Heavenly Father in asking for help! Anyways I am just grateful that I have this experience to really show me how much I have to, need to, and want to be directed by the Lord at all times.

Like I said the language is hard... it's harder than I thought it would be and it's not necessarily the speaking but it is the grammer principles! There are so many different ways to conjugate and then you have to add things to the words to make "the" holy ghost or "of" the holy ghost! Holy cow it is hard! We are trying to remember years and years worth of study grammer principles in to 6 weeks! Oh just fyi my district 7 missionaries 5 sisters and 2 elders are now the only missionaries going to Romania. The other district who were here last week and were supposed to be leaving on Monday got a call from our mission president on Friday night and were told that they had to fly out on Monday morning! I felt so bad for them because they had already told their family they were leaving in a week not in a few days and everything was closed on campus because of Presidents Day. Some of them weren't able to talk to their families before they left! They were beyond stressed. I just pray that that does not happen to me, especially since they had 10 weeks here to learn the language and study and we do not have that amount of time.

My teachers are fantastic you can just tell that they are inspired! I had had a hard day, just upset with not understanding the language and everything just kinda builds on each other after a while. And I just cried. My first cry of the MTC woohoo! Mark that off my check list now, but hey it took me two weeks to get to that point. I am proud of myself! Anyways we were having coaching missionary study with one of our teachers Frantille Frandsen and just asked how he could help, what was going on, what were we frustrated about. And I needed help and if he was offering this was the Lords way of providing me comfort. He sat there just pondering and just starting searching the scriptures and he just gave me this scriptures that just felt every frustration and every sadness and just everything that I was feeling and it made it a million times better. I am so grateful that our teachers care so much for us and they trully want us to succeed. It's nice to know that they are feeling and they have felt every ounce that we have felt and maybe even more since the program has imporved so much!

I don't really remember what questions were asked so I'll just answer a few that I remember!
Lindsay I loved your letter everytime I pass the laundry room now I always think of that. I also don't believe that I can get any pictures through dear elder but I would love pictures if you can send them to this email that would be quite lovely! I would love to say Kate!
Amy so your dear elder did not translate the Romana words exactly but I understood 95% of it even though it ended up looking like this c09840923e Fac989839ts bine902384092384cuv134u239048antez. It was quite fun to figure it out. I do feel that the Lord is blessing me with the language though. Especially since two weeks ago I had no idea what no was! And now I can speak in sentences and I can read Romana pretty well. Secretly Eu Place Limii Romana. :) Oh and I have not met any Poland missionaries yet. We are on the floor of a bunch of islanders and american sign language missions. I am in a branch with Italians though there are like 7 Italian districts and our district. :)

Emily I am so excited that you are doing track in my district I have a bunch of people that are all cross country, marathon, 5k runners, sprinters, they are all pretty athletic.

Spencer I have heard nothing from you, but I am going to give you some advice that I wish I would have done before my mission and it would have made my time here a little easier I think. Oh just FYI the MTC is hard. It is really really really hard and it takes a lot of adjustment and you are going to need ajuti (help) but you are going to need ajuti from Un Domn. It's fun putting Romana Cuvants in aici haha :) Anyways read really really read preach my gospel read all the lesson read every single thing that is in the book and really study it. It will ajuti so much! I wish that I had read more than I did!

Anyways Mom and Dad I do really love it here and I enjoy your letters oh so much. Because of Presidents Day weekend we didn't have any mail it was so exhausting sometimes we just need all that encouragement from our families! Oh also I think that it is extremely funny that you had to give a talk what did you talk about I want to read it! Everything is well here and I really do enjoy the MTC, some people always say that they hated the MTC but there is just so much happiness and the spirit is just so strong here. I am enjoying it. I think that I may freaked out when I have to leave... It's like a 13 hour flight... can someone pass the sleeping pills now??
Hmmm I cant really think of what else to say but my time is up. Just know that I am well I think of you and I hope you are all doing well please send dear elders they are so wonderful and I enjoy them all so very much!
And Jess I don't have your ADDRESS I have a letter to send to you!
I love you all so much my time is out!
Papa! (byebye)
Cu toti iubeste,

Sora Stewart

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