Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is a paper letter we received that I'm now just getting around to typing from 3 weeks ago

Hello Family,
     I feel like I have extra time today, especially since someone opened my washer and didn't restart it, so I have even longer to wait! :( pure sadness there.  Anyways I can go into a little more detail of what's going on.
     There are 5 Sora's including me in my district along with 2 Elders.  Aparently we are one of the biggest districts that the Romanian country has ever had.  That should really tell you now much Romania has been influenced by how many missionaries there are. The district ahead of us is here for 2 1/2 more weeks and they were beyond excited for us to come.
     The Elders in the other district call the Sora's in our distrct overachievers, because we are always studing and I guess we know more Romanian then they did at this point. 
     The Elders that are in the other district are from Europe and they both know like 4 languages.  One is from Italy and the other Austia.  They are super nice and they are our zone leaders.
     When I came into the MTC there were 800 plus Sister & Elders that came in that day.  That is the biggest they have ever had.!  And this week they had 600! Crazy right!
     I really love those that I am with and I love my district and my teacher.  My favorite teach is fratez Boynton, may have spelled that wrong.  He takes a lot of time to answer our questions or language and he doesn't overdo anything.  I am super grateful for that.
     I'm super excited for P-Day today cause that means I get to go to the Temple!!!  My favorite day so far has been Sunday, we just had an awesome speaker and it was just the things I personally needed.  I really love being a missionary, although it is harder than I ever imagined.
     Those that haven't served have no idea of what you have to do and every thing there is to do to be here.   Love Sora Stewart

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