Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last letter from the MTC March 14, 2013

Ce faceţi? Sorry I am later in writing today! And some things have gone on this week! We got our travel plans last Friday and we leave the MTC on Monday the 18th at 5:00 am. Our flight leaves 8:00am. We will be stopping in Minneapolis... I think that's how you spell it. Nu ştiu. Anyways... we stop there and then we have about a four hour lay over and then we fly to Amsterdam for a 3 hour layover and then we will be in Bucherest. So I should be in Romania on Tuesday at one Romanian time. I have no idea what time it will be anywhere else. So let me know when you would like me to call and at what time. I do have two phone cards I asked my Branch president if it would be okay to call you both and he said yes. So let me know through Dear Elder or something. Or else you may just have a wakeup call from me :)

So now that the business part of things is done it has been a fun filled exciting adventure here at the MTC. Amy I finally met some Polish missionaries. They aren't going to Poland though they are going to England Polish speaking. Who knew? Deci my companion Sora Adams and I had some awesome lessons. I just love teaching and I think the whole experience here has changed a lot. We teach a lot here at the MTC in Romanian. It does not mean that I am good at speaking at all... but I do understand for the most part of what everybody says in Romanian. We had some lessons that were not planned for yesterday our teachers Fratele Frandson, Sora Whiting, and Sora Wilson all told us that on the spot we would be teaching them according to what their personal needs are. Ummm SCARY! I just wanted to tell them I have no idea how to do this and how to help you with certain things in your life! But this was our assignment and as we started off with a prayer and taught them according to the spirit and what the spirit tells us we need to say somehow we spoke to their heart. Now did I know exactly what I was going to say and had it planned out no. Not at all. But our Heavenly Father knows us all so very personally. He knows what we pray for, He knows what we need, and He will always remember us. He will never forget those that are lost... that maybe are struggling with their testimonies or have gone inactive or maybe just isn't listening to the promptings of the spirit the way we should. He will NEVER forsake us. So as I was teaching with the spirit, and the spirit prompted my companion and I to say certain words, read certain scriptures, read a certain verse in the Hymn book or whatever it was they were touched by the spirit. They were looking for an answer and through the spirit and whatever we had said that the spirit prompted us to say it was the answer to their prayers. Isn't it just abolutely amazing how this Gospel is??? I can't believe somedays that I was called to serve, that I get this opportunity to teach people, that I get to teach them to accept Christ, and to find their way in to eternal happiness. What a BLESSING! And I look back and I realize how I have taken the gospel in my life for granted sometimes. I will pray and pray and pray everyday for the rest of my life to be grateful for this wonderful gift in my life.

We just had some awesome lessons just where the spirit teaches. I can not believe that I will be in Romania in about 4ish days and I will be teaching real people. They might not understand a single word that comes out of my mouth but the spirit will be there and I am excited for that.

We have had some sorrow this week in my district. Last night one of our Elders was just stressing a lot... so he went in to a counseling meeting. His brother I guess had depression issues while out on his mission and just didn't tell anyone until his mission was half way over. Anyways so he went in and just told them what was going on, apparantly he was diagnosed with something where he can't get his stress relieved the same way. I don't know what it is called but he just thought that maybe he would get medicine and he would be okay. They told him last night that he has to go home. The look on his face was just so heart breaking, he wants to serve and he feels as though his body is giving up on him. We tried to comfort him last night and he is feeling a little better about it today... but he is probably going home on the day that we all go to Romania. It just breaks all of our hearts, he is after it is deamed that he can be okay mentally coming straight to Romania so we will see him then.

I have not recieved any Case Family Emails and everything is pretty much blocked on the computers here, so if someone can help and that way I can know little things that are going on in my precious family I would much appreciate it :)

I have loved my stay here at the MTC I don't know why people complain about it. It is a place that is just so full of the spirit and you are completely surrounded by goodness. I see Elder Jackson, Elder Hodson, and Sister Montenegro often and that makes me happy. They are all happy and well and I am the first to leave! WOOHOO I guess most missionaries couldn't get their VISA's into Brazil so most Brazilian Missionaries are now here.

Ummmm I'm not sure what else to say. The next time I write I will be in ROMANIA! Woohoo!

I love you all and I feel your love and support. I feel the blessings everyday. Never take for granted the Gospel in your life. Think of who might need it in theirs :) Share what you have!
Love you!
Sora Stewart

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