Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7

Okay so honestly so many things have impacted me in my life and I am going to put a few down so here we go :)
1. My family and a lot my mom really. My mom has been there for everything and I mean everything. My family has been pretty amazing in general too :) They are amazing I love them. Without them I probably wouldn't be in the church I wouldn't have anything that I have today... man I'd be screwed up! I love my family :) An important note in this picture I am missing more than half of my family! But this is has good as it gets right now!
2. The Gospel. Come on now how can that not be such an impact in my life! It is the most amazing thing ever! It truly makes me want to be a better person to everyone. It makes me think before I say or do anything. I love this gospel how can you not have the happiest thing in your life?

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