Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mathew Colt Stewart

So I decided that my brother who just recently got home off his mission, and by recently I mean last Wednesday, should get a little sunshine in my blog. So off we go :)
I remember the exact day we dropped Matt off at the MTC it was September 24th which was a Wednesday and at 11:00a.m. (I believe since I forgot to bring a skirt and so we had to go buy one and everything was closed at 10 in the morning. Only in Utah really.) I remember taking pictures and then sitting inside their big hall and watching the LDS family commercials. Which I did not think was the best thing since that just made me cry harder when I had to hug him goodbye and walk out one door while he had to walk out another at the opposite side of the room. That day was sad and I remember anything that would remind us of him would make us cry like his tie that he had draped over the couch.
Now after serving the Lord and the beloved people in El Salvador. For being in all the positions you could possibly be in. He has now returned home has an RM. And since he came home on Wednesday of course I wanted to be there when he got off the plane, but I had a couple different problems that were stopping me from going to Vegas. So while I was looking at my Ambassador Calendar I saw that there was a college fair in Vegas so if I could then get a car there would be no money issue and I would be excused from school. It sounded good enough to me so my room mate Jess, my friend Gavin, his friend James and me all headed down to Vegas for the weekend. I surprised them all except my Dad and my little brother. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend with General Conference and just being around my family. We spent time on the strip, drove to Sandy, went to General Conference, drove to Price, and hung out with my brother and friends all night long. I don't have pictures at this moment but I will post them as soon as I do have access to them.
All together I am beyond happy that my brother is home and that he has served a full 24 month mission. I'm glad he was able to serve those he worked with and that he was able to learn so much. I am happy that I will get to see him and that I no longer have to wait every week for his letters. I am also grateful for his letters and his words of wisdom as he would speak and tell me things that I felt I needed to hear.
I love my brother and I can't wait to hear everything he wants to talk about at his homecoming. I love you Matt.


  1. LOVE it!!! My Matthew went to Pizza Hut Buffet yesterday with your matt and he said they both had a great time! I'm so glad. I know the toughest times can be right after the mission in that transition phase. Be sure to let us all know when his homecoming is! I want to be there if possible. :) Congrats to ya Jenna! It's the best to have the family complete again. :)

  2. Matt's homecoming is actually October 17th. I am beyond excited to hear all of his experiences and what he chooses to speak directly on!