Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adventures in Ephraim!

So this past weekend was an adventure! But let me start off like this a week ago my friend Brandon asked if I wanted to go to Ephraim this weekend. He knew Jenni was in Ephraim and so he just was being a nice guy and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I did and so I was off to Ephraim with my friend Gavin, Jessica, Brandon, and Rio. So this weekend of course I stayed with Jenni and we got to talk and hang out like old times :) I also got to meet all of her room mates who were really nice and also her friend Loreil, whom I really liked! My friend Gavin also had his two friends and so we just hung out most of the time. We started out by going to the SNOW college dance where we got to paint each other and it all glowed in the dark it was a lot of fun besides being squashed in the group of really really really tall people jumping all around!!!!!!!! The only downer part of that night was trying to get all the paint off which was painful! So we all went and hopped into the hot tub and after that we went and watched the movie Robin Hood which most of us fell asleep to hahaha. But nevertheless it was still fun.
The next day though all the girls slept until 12:30 bad idea... hahaha mostly because we got a hate call from Brandon saying we needed to get up because they were bored. So we did and we went to this Chinese Restaurant which totally got my sick today. Anyways we also went to the CEU vs. SNOW volleyball game which we sadly lost :( And then later that night Gavin's friend James and me went swing dancing with was a blast. This weekend was so much fun and I know this is poorly written because my brain refuses to function today, but it was still so much fun and I would have not traded this weekend for anything!

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