Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clean Slate

I have decided now that I am out on my own that I should start a blog. I am kinda blog obsessive and I have wanted to make one for a while now. So I was reading a blog and thought hey why not. So here I go my first ever blog and my first ever blog post! How exciting!
I'm not exactly sure how to make it the way I want and how to do everything that I really want to do on it. You know being super cute and creative with it, but I figure that I will just learn as I go! And those who actually do want to read about my super exciting life will just be ecstatic that I now have my own BLOG :D My family will actually be really happy about this since I am not much of a caller but now it's all handy dandy and they can read about everything :) Okay I think I am now done with my first blog post! Exciting :)

1 comment:

  1. Hooray, Jenna! Hope you're loving college life. You should come visit us in Texas--we'd love to have you!