Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Best Friend :)

So I had to just first start off by saying how much I love my best friend!

She makes me smile and she is one of the people that I miss the most! We have been best friends since we were little girls. Being in the same ward and Elementary school, it wasn't hard to get along. Since those precious days in Kindergarten till now we have remained close and she is fan-freaking-tastic! Even when she does send me evil angry texts about me never calling her... which I do call her... sometimes.
So basically I am writing this about her because it really is her that knows me like an open book. She knows when I'm upset because she notices the slight shake in my voice. Or she knows that I am being serious because I am calm and speaking about things like I have really thought them over. Or that I am excited because my voice starts squeling! Just like a few moments ago she sends me a text that says the following "you miss me, just sayin." And of course our conversations follow in an order of calling each other jerks and saying things that make no sense to anyone but us. I love her and do miss her. Even when she calls me a jerk.
Love you Jenni :)

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  1. I FOUND YOU! And I'm LOVIN this both you girls. I hope you have a fun time together today! <3