Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The day of the baptism!

The elders and me. We have some great Elders haha.

and our fun district

and our fun district

Orthodox church

We love cluj!

I love this woman! Sora Boyd!

Sweet Sabina! She hates pictures so this is the only one we could get of her. I'm grateful she let us take this one!

Elder Barclay is from Idaho and he just makes me laugh. He reminds me so much of Spencer. And of course he has to prove his strength. They are some great elders.

This is the place where the future chappel will be!

Sora Modzelewska. Elder Lex was in the tree and he dropped a branch for her to catch.
She didn't really know not to stand right underneith where he was dropping it.

They taste just as good as they look :)

They taste just as good as they look :)

Super beautiful :)

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