Tuesday, June 11, 2013

K had a birthday this week! I made her some banana bread. Which she loves and Sora K made her a cake :)
Me and Sora M

Me and Sora B. (I adore this woman)

It's been super rainy here. WHICH I LOVE!
We have seen quite a few rainbows here

This is our branch mission leader. T and his girlfriend A, and his daughter B

In this middle of Sighisoara. Look how beautiful the buildings are!

Look at this picture that was in front of an Orthodox church. They actually may believe that Christ, God, and The Holy Ghost are separate people... although the Holy Ghost isn't a dove all the time.
Don't worry it's a work in progress over here!

Pretty orthodox church in Sighisoara

They had some gorgeous walkways... I really had a lot of fun with the camera...
Now only if I had dad's camera with me ;)

this is the castle to where we are heading.

Such pretty walkways. Everything was just gorgeous!

There were a bunch of Asian's taking a picture of this wall and i didn't know why until I realized that a dear head was coming out of the wall. How interesting?!

Group of missionaries coming through.

All of the streets were like this. So colorful!

And this builiding is older than america!
The Elders kept joking that they felt that John the Beloved would pop out of anywhere. That's how old the town looked and felt

hahaha Oh Elder B. His camera broke so he wanted to borrow mine.

In some kind of old shop. It was a leather shop... It looked like a place that was used as a shelter... for some kind of wars. It had interesting windows and things that basically you could shoot out of them but they can't shoot back at you. Super interesting.

Elder S and the million mile stairs. They were never ending.

We weren't even close to the top of the stairs... EXHAUSTING!

Graveyard. It was huge. The picture doesn't even compare to how beautiful and fantastic it was. Romanians have a lot of family history to go through

Top of the castle! Hello to Sighisoara

This is just a glimps of what a gypsy mansion looks like. There are lots of gypsys in Romania especially in sighisoara. But this is what their mansions look like. Super interesting. Sorry it's blurry we were in a maxi taxi.

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