Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hello to All,

Well I know you all must be so excited to hear or not if we had a baptism! And good news we did! It was absolutley beautiful and our wonderful investigator is the newest member to the Cluj-Napoca Branch here!
Her baptism was on June 1st at 5:00 pm. I was so pleased with what I saw and felt and just really how it all turned out here. They haven't had a baptism here in Cluj for about a year. So the members were all really excited. Sora Modzelewska and I put together the program and called the poeple to speak. We asked this wonderful sister, Sora Condorachi, and she was just tickled pink to talk. When we called her she just about screamed with excitement, exclaming that she hasn't had the opportunity to talk at a baptism for a long time. Most of the branch came to the baptism, which is just amazing, and the elders invited their investigators too. The missionaries and our district decided to sing a musical number, which went really well, since well I will speak for myself and say that I am not the best singer. :) We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer and one of the members played it on the guitar for us. It really was beautiful. Sabina got baptized by Elder Boyd and we watched the restoration video while she got ready.

We helped clean the church after and Sora Modzelewska and I were just leaping for joy! Our wonderful investigator got baptized!

Later that day we found out that the property that the church has bought for the future place of the Cluj-Napoca Chappel was just down the road and had some cherry trees. And since it rained earlier that day and that was canceled. We decided to go down as a district.

There were so many cherries. I may just be naive on this situation but I think that comes from when you grow up in Las Vegas where not many things grow. It was so beautiful. It was just green everywhere with all sorts of vegetation. And the trees were beautiful. So many cherries. I felt like a little kid because I had never experiences picking things from trees before. So much fun! And now we have a bunch of cherries in our fridge that I now eat for breakfast every morning.

On Sunday Sabina was confirmed a member of the church by recieving the Holy Ghost. President Iepure said a beautiful blessing, I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of this experience with her. It just makes me so grateful!

After church we went to Salvatore and Aurelia's they have a different set of missoinaries over every week. We all rotate. They just like to serve us. And I do not complain since she is a wonderful cook! This couple is just filled with so much life and happiness. They really love one another. When Aurelia was in the kitchen Salvatore was explaining to us that when she cooks he eats it. And vice versa. Sora Modzelewska looks over at him and says I think that if she cooks you should clean. And he just sits there and says now wait a minute. Aurelia pops her head out of the kitchen and tells us yeah yeah yeah! Keep talking! I like the sound of this! It was so funny and so cute! I just love these members so much!

We really have the best branch in all of Romania. :)

We continued to have a few other lessons this week. And so we are still working and progressing here. It rained quite a bit this week. The weather is so interesting here as it will be super sunshiney and then just pour buckets of rain on us! I have had to bring my umbrella everywhere. Sora Modzelewska doesn't like to get wet. And I absolutely love it. Haha she always gives me a look when I stare up at the clouds and say that it is about to rain :)

I love you all so much!

Until next week,
Sora Stewart

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