Friday, May 24, 2013

There was also this super cool guy that made this unicycle and was riding it up and down the street in front of the church. Have I mentioned guys wear short shorts.
Our wonderful senior couple. Have I told you how much I just love them?
OH I forgot. I got food poisoning this week. That was not fun. And I'm so grateful for these two because Sora Boyd goes right into mom mode and just took care of me. Since well I couldn't leave the bathroom floor that day. :) We have wonderful angels here ;)
The wonderful sisters in our zone :)
The Elders right before they were about to be taken into the police office :)
Sibiu :)
Sibiu :)
Elders in our sleeper train the next morning.
Super weird I KNOW!
Train Ride from Cluj to Buch
People love to take pictures of us when we face the sun and I can't see a dang thing! haha


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