Friday, May 24, 2013

May 13, 2013

It's been kind of an odd week because of holidays and all these travels that we have had to do. I feel like the transfer really hasn't started and that we were kinda gypped! We had zone conference in Sibiu. And wow Sibiu is absolutely beautiful. You can see the mountains in the distance and I really miss looking at all the mountains from back home. That is something I never really thought I would miss. Sibiu is a little bit like Cluj where it's a lot of the cobblestone walkways and the old buildings where they are all different colors.
Anyways so Zone Conference we went to Centru to go contacting and well we ran into a little bit of trouble with the Police there where they said that we weren't allowed to pass anything out. Our poor Elders were in the station for about 30 minutes, we didn't know if they were going to be able to come back out! No worries everythings fine, but our big plan of our zone is to storm Western Europe with Books of Mormon. Our zone goal is to pass out 200 books in 6 weeks which is completely do able. We want a Book of Mormon in every home. Wouldn't that beautiful? And people here really see the value of books, much more than they do at home. They always ask us are you honestly giving these away for free? That's their first question not that they don't want to read it, but they are just astonished that we are giving out things for free. It's really beautiful to see how they value certain things.

We also had to travel to Buch this week for my visa. Remember how I said I really liked trains? Well, I'm not a huge fan of them anymore. Especially in the summer they are extremely extremely hot. And Cluj is really far from Buch. But now we are back here and back to work with our investigators!
We had a miracle come into Sora Modzelewska's life and mine or I should say two miracles. We ran in to this lady a few days before the Paşti just to ask and see how they celebrate and what they do and everything. It was a nice conversation and we announced who we were and told her what we teach. And she said she was interested and was really open about religions and would love to meet with us. Well after all the craziness of traveling we were finally able to meet with her and we thought it was just going to be her. But no she brought her wonderful husband. They took us in their car and drove to the church, where they just opened up their whole lives to us. They are such a wonderful family, where they told us how they have had trials with not being able to have kids but know that the Lord wants them to adopt. And so now we have 2 new investigators who are some of the most sincere people I have met here in the country.

A beautiful experience happened yesterday after church as well. Our wonderful investigator Sabina who has a date in 2 weeks and sincerely wants to be baptized we had a discussion about the word of wisdom... which well didn't really go over as well as Sora Modzelewska and I would have hoped it would have. But with the help of the spirit and the wonderful Senior Couple we have here she told us that she would like a blessing to help her with her help and help her with her not wanting to drink coffee. And in the blessing their were some wonderful blessings promised her and I saw as she was super uptight because she didn't really know how blessings worked or how these things happened, and then to see her relax her body and see that she was receiving the things that were being told to her.

It's such a miracle to me to see how the Lord prepares people. To see how He never abandons His children. And that He honestly has the most patience in the world. That everything is in His time, and His time is always the most perfect time. I am constantly reminded about this, because I get impatient, and I want things done now. Or I feel that sometimes the Lord just isn't answering things the way that I want them done. He is a perfect teacher for me.

I really LOVE being a missionary. I am learning so many new things and developing so many attributes that will affect my life forever. No wonder mom is so perfect :)
I love you all,

Sora Stewart

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