Friday, September 9, 2011

So Irritated

This is going to be my venting passage for now.
It's just one of those days ya know.
Where you find out that people are saying things.
Where you have people yelling at you.
When nothing goes right.
When you get yelled at for something that isn't even your fault.
When people look at you like they really have no idea who you are, even though they do.
When the only thing you want to do is eat Nutty Bars and Pizza. And just lay in bed.
When people think your a bad person.
When people think your rude for stating your opinion and for caring about someone.
When you get summoned for Jury Duty 400 miles away.
When you know that you can't act like a child anymore and people are mad about it.
When you have to make decisions that may leave people behind.
When you have to face the truth and maybe even face things alone.
Where people are mad at you for having to get a job so you can actually pay for bills, instead of having my parents pay for everything.
This is the kind of day I have been having.
I can't wait for it to end...

1 comment:

  1. my entire week has felt like this. hopefully things will work out better!