Saturday, November 26, 2011


Seriously can't take this anymore!!

One of the things I seriously HATE about being a girl is that we have so many EMOTIONS!!! I am not going to deny that girls are fine one minute and thin prissy the next. And I honestly swear that I am in one of those moods for the past week. It is driving me crazy!!!!!!
Usually I feel like this all the time!!!!!!!!! but then i go to .... below
I am so happy one minute and then one person or something happen and then I'm sad. And then I read so much into it that I get upset. And then I get so over it that I just am mad. And then I realize how dumb I feel about getting mad and then I just feel bad. And then you apologize and so your happy and then it starts all over again. I am soooo over it right now... maybe my body is telling me something needs to happen??? Sorry this is my venting session right now.
And then this. Yes I feel like a 3 year old throwing a fit.

And then this...

And then it's just down right embarrassing...

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