Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Okay well it has been a while. For me at least. And I apologize not that this is anything more then just a venting journal sometimes.
But!!!!!!!!!! I DO HAVE AN UPDATE :)
My brother who has been dating the most wonderful person in the whole wide world is now engaged. :) And I couldn't be happier from them. I remember when Matt had gotten home off his mission and when I saw him for Thanksgiving he was talking to this mysterious girl. And I honestly didn't know how to feel about this. I know that when young men get off their missions that they are supposed to go look for Mrs. Eternal Companion. For me I just never really saw my brother as one who would go out on a search, and technically he didn't go out on a search for a wife. He dated a little and when I say little I mean very little and then he met Chantal.

I will admit that I was skeptical, and I think it was because I really didn't know her or really know much about her. I also would tell my mom over and over again that I really wanted to be best friends with Matt's future spouse. I wanted us when Matt and I were both married that he could go off and have fun with my husband while his wife and I would go do something fun, and because I didn't know Chantal I was worried.

Eventually I did start to warm up with Chantal and this was before I had met her, but the reason was because I saw my brother and I saw how happy he was. It wasn't just the goofy goofy ridiculous smile that he does all the time but it was the way he would sound when he would talk to her on the phone and all the pictures that he had of her and him together. (this was around Christmas Time.) So I became open to this relationship at this time when I saw how happy she really made him.

It wasn't until January that I had really met her and I would like to say that I was the first out of everyone in our family to officially meet her. I remember pretty much just talking to her the whole time, her and Jess, and we had exchanged numbers. We texted and talked to each other pretty much everyday after that! And we still talk all the time.
I realized when I met her how much they were good together. She wouldn't just do whatever he said and in his past girlfriends they were all very touchy and clingy to him, where she wasn't at all if anything it was the opposite. I remember actually them making a bet that he couldn't stand not kissing her for 10 minutes... he failed. :)

There relationship was very different then any other relationship that I have witnessed, because not only was she getting to know our family and him getting to know her family but it was both of our families meeting each other. Their family had came to Vegas so that way Chantal and Matt could be together and then the families would meet each other. I unfortunately wasn't able to go for this little shindig but I heard all about it. After that meeting they had we knew what was going to happen. We knew that Matt and Chantal loved each other and that they both felt that they should be together. They worked together and made sacrifices to be together through the long distance.

And it was the fact that both of our families were so willing and self sacrificing for these two to be together that it worked out. And with their relationship both of our families became best friends. Moana and my mother talked all the time along with Jerry and my dad. Our families just clicked and we all realized how wonderful and special they are. Her family including her is one of the most amazing families I have ever met, and I am so grateful that she will be part of her family so that way we can be apart of hers.
Even the rest of our family with our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and little babies loved her. That's when I started to tell Matt that he needed to get a move on it and propose! A few weeks later I got a text with a picture of the ring that he had just bought for Chantal.

Of course it took a little while for him to actually ask her. But it was when I had called Matt letting him know when I would be in town on Thursday so that way they could take me to the airport for my cousins wedding that he told me that that was the night. The night he was going to propose to Chantal. And about 2 hours later I get a call from my dad saying that there was bad news, and it was that we were getting a daughter in law, for me a sister in law :)

I was beyond estatic :) Finally my brother was going to marry the woman of his dreams, and the woman that I know I would be able to call whenever and just talk to her, spend time with her, and when I was upset I knew she would be there for me. She is going to be another sister of mine and I can't wait for that day :)
Congrats Matthew and Chantal :) You guys really are the perfect couple and I am grateful that I get to be apart of your lives.

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